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​​Hi, I'm Morgan. I'm 7 years old and go to Parkview Baptist.

I'm excited about Lemonade Day.  I've learned alot by doing this.  I know how important it is to save money and I learned about giving back to places that need it. 

I was on TV to talk about Lemonade Day and they even wrote about me in the Business Report

I set my goals.  I want to spend some of my money to buy a new puppy.  My dog Dillon got sick at Easter and the doctors couldn't save him.  I am also going to give some money to the animal shelter so they can help other doggies.  I am also going to give some money to tornado relief.  I asked my daddy if I could send water and toys to people that lost everything.  We talked about it and decided to use some of the money from my lemonade stand to help. 

Please come see me at the LSU Lakes on May 12th. 

Geaux Tigers!!

O U R   C H E F

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